How to Prepare Your Household When Moving Last Minute

Moving is a delicate process that usually requires adequate preparation so that you can minimize costs and make the move as efficient as possible. The process may require weeks or months of preparation. However, there are some rare occasions whereby you may be forced to move on short notice for one reason or the other. Since the move must happen, you have no other option, but to gather your resources and belongings.

Tips to Make the Sudden Move Smooth

1. Sort out the Transportation first

The first thing that you need for your move is transportation. You have to relax, take deep breathes, and create a short quick list of the things that you have to do to make the move smooth. After you create the system, you will feel more at ease with the entire process. You have two options when it comes to logistics: you can either hire a moving company to do the moving for you or rent a moving truck and do most of the packing and moving yourself. Since your time is limited, you have to decide fast. It may be cheaper to go for the second option, but it will take more time. To get free quotes from movers in Kansas City or St. Louis, try, which vets local moving companies for licensing and insurance.

2. Sort your Stuff Out

The packing is what usually takes a lot of time during the moving process. Some people take weeks because they don’t want to leave anything behind. Unfortunately, you don’t have such a luxury when the moving time is limited. So that you can quickly pack your stuff, go into every room, and sort out the things that you don’t need. Then, put them in three categories: recycle, donate, and get rid of. Once you’ve done so, take the recycle and donate stuff to the nearest dumping site. Next, go to a charity organization and give the donations. If some of the stuff that you want to donate is bulky, let the charity organization send some people over to pick them up.

3. Start with the Essentials First

After you have gotten rid of what you don’t need, get a bag to store all your essentials. These are things that you’re likely to forget as you hurry to clear the current house. They may include personal documents, laptop, tablet, chargers, toiletries, and some of your favorite cereals and clothes.

4. Get the Rest of the Stuff

After that, you have to pack the rest of the stuff. Since you are in a hurry, you have no time to sort things out. Wrap the delicate utensils in a sheet or blanket to prevent them from breaking as you put them in boxes. Have a system whereby you fill up the boxes one-by-one. Then, tape them, and move to the next empty box. The system will help you pack things much faster.

5. Let the Movers Help You

If you decided to hire professional movers, let them help you with the rest of the packing. If you were able to pack at least 60 to 80 percent of the stuff before it got dark, don’t lose your sleep over it. Let the movers help you do the rest of the packing in the morning since you’ll need to gather up all your energy for the move.


It’s not going to be easy to move on short notice, but you have to compose yourself and be organized so that you can get all your things to your new home or temporary residence. After you have done that, you can worry about unpacking and start looking for a better house.

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