Six Helpful Tips When Packing Your Living Room For a Move

Moving your belongings is a stressful experience. Your possessions are often attached to family memories that cannot be replaced. They also represent a significant financial investment. This is especially the case for your living room, where you might have a good number of expensive electronics for entertainment. Here are six suggestions from Cheap Movers Kansas City – 12641 Antioch Road Suite #1025, Overland Park, KS 66213, (913) 730-9261 – for packing your living room for a stress-free move.

1. Television and Electronics

The living room is the area where you might listen to music or watch television with friends and family. This means many costly electronic components will need to be packed and moved. An easy way to prepare for moving electronics is to keep the original packing material in an attic or basement. By placing it in the original boxes and protective materials, you will know that it is safe and secure. If you have a large television, make sure your moving company brings the materials to pack it safely. Also, as you move, remember to return your cable box to the cable company to avoid extra charges.

2. Lamps and Lampshades

When you pack a lamp, make sure that all lightbulbs are removed and stored safely. Lampshades need extra care to move safely as they cannot withstand much pressure. The box for your lampshades should be slightly larger than the largest shade. Pack the shade on both sides with tissue paper. Smaller shades can be nested in larger shades with some packing material in between.

3. Furniture

Your moving company specializes in moving furniture. They will arrive on the scene with furniture pads to keep your heavy objects from being scratched or damaged. Entertainment centers are often constructed with glass doors. These can be removed and packed like mirrors by you or the movers.

4. Artwork and Pictures

If you are concerned about losing family photos in the move, you might choose to move them yourself rather than placing them in the moving truck. The same goes for expensive artwork. Even if you are choosing to take responsibility for the item, make sure that is well-packed however you choose to move it. You do not want a painting to tear or a picture frame to break as you move it from your car.

5. Fragile Knickknacks

Many homes have knickknacks as conversation pieces scattered around the living room. These odds and ends may come from all over the world and are often different sizes, making it difficult to pack them in a uniform way. If you have several smaller items, a box that once contained bottles of wine can be a convenient container. These boxes often come with dividers that separated the bottles. One knickknack can go in each space surrounded by packing material.

6. Area Rugs

Area rugs will be handled easily by your moving company. However, to minimize disruption as you move to your new place, it can be helpful to have rugs cleaned before the move. This way, you will not bring dirt and dust from your old home into the new one.

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