7 Proven Ways to Pack and Move Your Furniture Safely

People move to different addresses several times in their lives. Each transition is unique, but certain tips remain the same. There will always be a need to pack and move your furniture with safety as a key concern. Explore these proven ways to move your furniture from point A to point B. Your efforts will appear professional and efficient at the same time.

1. Stow Furniture at the Back of the Moving Truck

A clever way to move your furniture safely is by securing it in the back of the moving truck. Boxes can fill up the middle section, which effectively locks the furniture into the truck without any risk of damage.

Consider this tip as a must for antique furniture. You’re probably not using it daily, so move it first to secure it.

2. Lift as a Team

Uhaul suggests that any move should be a team effort. You need at least one other person in order to lift furniture with safety in mind. Lifting straps and shoulder dollies are great tools that shift the furniture’s weight to your large muscle groups, for example. You simply need two people to share the item’s weight.

3. Slide When Necessary

Moving furniture safely means that you’re logical about a unique situation. You don’t always need to lift an item. Consider a sliding motion for heavier items. Throwing discs and other plastic tools can be placed underneath the furniture to facilitate a sliding motion.

You reduce the strain on your body while preserving the furniture’s integrity.

4. Consider Stair Angles

Remember that professional movers will charge more for difficult moves, such as transitions involving stairs, reports Forbes. You may want to tackle the move on your own by learning how to maneuver furniture up the stairs.

Hold furniture with a high-and-low strategy. One person holds the item near the top section while the other person supports the low end. The item has an angle to its base, which allows it to be easily moved up a flight of stairs.

5. Use a Hook Maneuver

Oversize chairs and couches are difficult to move through narrow doorways. Remember to use a hooking motion with the item. Ideally, the furniture should be on its side so that the seat and back can be hooked around the door frame without harming the area.

Plan out your route into the room so that there’s no delay at the doorway. Forcing the item through the small space will damage both the building and furniture.

6. Remove Parts From Furniture

Protect your investment even further by removing certain parts. Dining room tables often have removable feet or legs. Recliners have removable backs.

Examine each piece of furniture as you work on its safe transition. Removing those simple pieces will make the item more compact and agile during moving.

7. Wrap and Wrap Again

For those furniture items that are truly beloved, wrap them in moving blankets and plastic wrap. It’s perfectly acceptable to wrap the item in several layers of materials. You’re protecting the edges and feet, states The Family Handyman.

When you don’t feel comfortable about moving certain items, there’s no reason why you can’t hire a professional. Moving companies practice these skills every day. They’ll move your furniture without any harm as you transition into a new location.

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